Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Skulduggery Pleasant

ok so i have started my blog woop!! woop!! And all i can think of is to write about skulduggery pleasant because....well because derek landys 5th book is gonna come out and i simply cant wait until it comes out :) plus (for those who are new or dont know) derek has his own profile on bebo and he writes back and everything (it took me ages to find it and i had to tortue a lot of best friend, so that i could find it myself!) well all of dereks minions i wish u luck in reading the rest of the interview!!

Peace out ppl! :)

here's a link to dereks blog!!

if the link dont work dont blame me... blame wikianswers ok they said it works so if u have to blame someone blame them not me! :)

A TIP FROM ME (I ALWAYS FIND OUT THE HARD WAY) Never pull a cat by it's tail!

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