Monday, 9 August 2010

Ok horror time

yesterday i was watching a horror on a double date (me and my boyfriend, my best friend nd his girlfriend) we started of with classics first (we were watching horrors all night .... until 5 in the morning) like i said we started with classics first Fankenstain, Dracula then we went into the old teletubies, unborn, Ali G ...ok they arnt horrors .. well exept for teletubies and unborn of course , yes then we went into the futre stuff like SAW that doesnt scare me..

anyway wen we finnaly finished watching the horrors (yes i did include crappy ones likre teletubies but we also watched some serious ones ..) well wen we finnaly finished watching our horrors at 5 everyone decided to stay at my house for a nightcap (hahah very funny i thought)any way at around 5:30 i woke up to see someone standing in my window watching us all sleep ... i got really freaked out.. who wouldnt so i turned to my side so that the "person" couldnt see or hear that was talking and i woke up everyone else they to suddenly noticed the person in the window...

But my best friend (charlie) decided to be all heroic ( i hate that word) so he grabbed the first hard thing he saw (a pan which we had cooked our sausagesx in and chucked it at the window...)

he smashed the window which wasnt the original plan and nearly killed the "person" outside .. my boyfriend then grabbed his belt and tied the "persons" hands behind his back with it ... it took 3 seconds for me to relise that the "person" was my dad who wanted to play a joke on us after we finished watching

our dvds but cause it took us so long he drifted of leaning against the window we were all so stupid that we didnt relise that he was there....

anyway that taught my dad not to mess with teenagers ... anyway wat happened to u wen u were watching horrors and wat r ur worst fears???

waiting for ur comments!


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