Tuesday, 14 September 2010


somebody sent me a hundred e-mails asking me to write about the nervous break down infront of the police man so i will explain....

Me and our little gang signed up for drama as a joke to show everyone else how crappy it was. in the lesson we were doing dramatic scenes i got a golden sticker for mine cause when i got punched really hard by accident i started crying like anyone else would and i started shouting why me....so thats why i got a sticker !!

Anyway after drama we decided to keep going after school but still say that its crap. Afterwards we were walking to mcdonalds and prctising our dramatic scenes infront of ppl then I HATE YOU FOR THIS MAGGIE! i got deared to go infront of a policeman and start having a random nervous breakdown i also added shaking my arms like a complete spaz and putting on a clown nose and wig to make it look even funnier.

The NB was about my brother getting murdered or something like that somehow the policeman took it seriously and took me to the policestation and made me describe the "murder" hehehe i said that he looked like orlando bloom but uglier like him and i ran for it !!!

I got a free hot apple pie from everyone (no wonder i look fat) which was a plus the pie not the lookin fat business. But the next day there was this assembly WERE THE POLICE MAN CAME!!! YES THE POLICEMAN THAT I HAD A NB INFRONT OF!!!

luckily i kept my clown wig and nose on because he showed us a video about how teenagers can be annoying and there was me running through the police station with my clown nose and wig they must have caught it on the cctv!! My friends were on the floor laughing they still remind me today i quit drama acting and now im doing drama writing !!




  1. Hahaha! I'm rolling on the ground laughing! That is the funniest thing, EVER! Thanks for sharing, Aleks! XD

  2. LOL! hah ah ah! i would never have the nerve to do something like that! LOL! i cant believe the next day he was in your school with u on CCTV!!!!

  3. OMG! Thats hilarious! Thats really cheered me up.....well, not fully, but its almost cheered me up..LOL XD

  4. Florence! I don't even know if you look at you comment section. But I wanted to put down something that I had written on one of Derek's Postings.
    ...and because I don't know if I will be on when you are, here it is...
    I had the most horrible sensation yesterday. It was as I realized I would have to tell a couple people the thing Dragona and Florences did not want shared.
    I hated the fact that Severel people felt left out. I could sense great discord looming up and tempers becoming out of control. I really felt that for someing so small, I didn't want the friendship oh the SP Gang to be split apart. I aready almost died a year ago after a horrible situation and can't take anything like this. This blog has really been my refuse. (did I even spell that right)
    Anyhow, I found my self in a horrible place last night where people I admired where upset, or would be upset.
    I could bearly breath and was in tears.
    I know I have upset a couple of you people and I am truely sorry! I really hate myself right now and if I could leave myself, I would. But I'm stuck.
    Until I know I'm forgiven by everyone, mostly Dragona and FLorence, I will not permit myself the honor of hanging with you guys. I will stay away.
    I really hate myseld. Maybe I'll go jump in the middle of traffic.......I don't know......

    Bye all.

    October 25, 2010 2:29 PM
    Anyways....I really admire you and sorry I hurt you this way. It's possible that you may for give me.....but I don't know if I could ever forgive myself for hurting a friend. Something like that is unforgivable......
    I'm sorry, Florence.
    Please forgive me.

  5. Here is another thing I said...

    No....don't blam Darkane and Sarthacus....

    If you look back....they came on as I was teasing you a bit, Dragona.
    They would not have even known about any secret if I had not been teasing.....
    So the blame is fully on me........

    I just want to make sure you know I am sorry.....really, really sorry.........

  6. may look sound and act retarded...

    but really im just too cool for u

    yes well when you put it that way I guess that ive been evil all my life

  7. You Go Girl! man i wish i could see that footage! You have got guts! I haven't spoken to you through Derek's Blog personally yet but I have spoken to Dragona who told me a little about you :P

  8. LOL!

    I'd NEVER do that!



    ....................well, okay, maybe for a apple pie.......but STILL!